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Mountain West 401(k) Program

 The premier retirement program for employers with less than 5000 employees

What We Do
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What We Do

We leverage the collective buying power of many employers to offer an affordable, administratively simple, and high-value 401(k) employee benefit program 


Asset Security

We partner with Charles Schwab and Raymond James. Your employee’s money is safe with trusted brands that have been relied upon for more than a century.


Time Savings

We create the plan, select and monitor plan vendors, prepare the 5500 and other reports, perform the annual audit, maintains IRS & ERISA compliance, procure insurance and bonds, perform investment review, and offer participant education.


C-Suite expert

You have a C-Suite working partner to guide you on how to best align your 401(k) program with your business and workforce strategies.


Diverse fund line up 

Our PEP offers top performing funds in multiple asset categories and is not limited to the institutional restrictions found in other 401(k) programs.


Mountain West PEP Story

Mike Monroe is the founder of Mountain West 401(k).

Mike graduated from Gonzaga University with a finance and accounting degree and for the first 20 years of his professional career served in fiduciary roles as a Certified Public Accountant (“CPA’) and Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) for many employers in the Pacific Northwest. 

During this formative time in his professional career, Mike learned very early that attracting and retaining quality staff was tantamount to an employer’s success.  

Mike had the responsibility of developing salary and benefits programs with the objective of creating a differentiated compensation package. 

Figuring out how to pay competitive salaries and procure good health insurance was much easier and more straightforward than selecting a 401(k) retirement program. 

Our Provider Team

 Mountain West 401(k) partners with leading financial brands to deliver a truly unique 401(k) program and employer experience. Our partners:


“The Mountain West 401k program is almost to be good to be true. Mike, Shane and Bill went the extra mile to walk us through the legal, operating and strategic implications of moving our 401k program. Never have I had direct access to a 401k working team of leaders in their respective disciplines.

They have developed the right solution for employers with more than 100 employees.  I am looking forward to not having to pay for and manage a 401k audit this year!”

Brian Canny, CFO, Matheus Lumber

Program Information

  • What is a 401(k)?
    A 401(k) lets you make tax-deferred contributions toward your retirement. Your employer deducts contributions from your paycheck and remits it to the plan administrator.
  • Why invest in a 401(k)?
    There are many reasons to invest in a 401k including, but not limited to: Deferring income taxes (by makingtax-deferred contributions) Saving for retirement Building net worth Accessing employer matching funds (If available) Hedging against inflation/price increases of goods & services Supplementing social security and other retirement income Creating a family legacy
  • Who is the plan administrator and how do I contact them?
    Northwest Plan Services (“NWPS”) is the plan administrator for the Mountain West 401(k) Pooled Employer Plan (“PEP”) and handles most of the heavy lifting for our program. If you have any questions about your account, loans, distributions, rollovers, or the website call them at (888) 700-0808.
  • What is the participant website for the Mountain West 401(K) Program?
    You can access your 401(k)-account information at The website lets you view balances, make changes to investments and contribution amounts, and request loans and distributions. Tools to help you plan for your retirement are also available. You can access general information about the PEP at
  • How do I enroll in the 401(k)?
    Go to Log-in as a participant, using your Social Security Number as your UserID and the last four digits of your Social Security Number as your password. Once logged into your account, you will need to change your UserID and password. You will then be prompted to select deferral amounts and investments.
  • What investment options are available?
    The PEP has a diverse menu of investment options. These include target date funds, low-cost index funds, and mutual funds. For a complete list of these options log into your account.
  • How do I choose what funds are best for me?
    Selecting your investment options is a personal choice. If you don’t have a personal financial advisor, the PEP provides access to an investment advisor who can meet with you by phone at (800) 303-1856
  • How do I change my deferral amount or investment selections?
    Go to and log into your account. Once there click on the “Manage Account” tab.
  • Can I roll my money from my former employer(s)’ 401(k) into my MountainWest 401(k)?
    Most likely, you will be able to roll over a prior plan. Go to your account on the website and under the “Reports & Forms” tab you will find a “Rollover Form.” Please complete the form (one per each account you want to roll over) and submit to your HR department.
  • How do I take out a loan from my 401(k) account?
    Go to your account on the website and under the “Loans & Withdrawals” tab you will find a “Loan Form.” Please complete the form and submit to your HR department.
  • Can I access money in my 401(k) account if I have a financial emergency?
    If your financial emergency qualifies as a “hardship withdrawal” you will be able to access your funds. Please contact Northwest Plan Services for the necessary paperwork and procedures.
  • What happens to my Mountain West 401(k) account if I leave my current employer?
    If your account balance exceeds $5,000, you will be able to keep your money in the PEP, if you choose to do so. If your balance is under $5,000, your account will be liquidated at the end of the current plan year. In either scenario, you can roll over your funds into another qualified 401(k) program, or into an IRA. Please contact Northwest Plan Services for the necessary paperwork and procedures.

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